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"Clear, concise, and practical solutions."

Alicia V

Oakland, CA

Suzanne is a wonderful financial advisor.  She is not only knowledgeable about a wide range of situations, my husband and I have consulted her on everything from investments to taxes to budgets, but she is caring and a fantastic partner with whom to work.  Suzanne provides clear, concise, and practical solutions as well as down-to-earth and understandable information (particularly for someone like myself who is not a "numbers" person).  I cannot recommend Suzanne highly enough for whatever your financial needs may be.

Tammy G.

Suzanne Daggert and I worked at the same appraisal firm, prior to my co-founding a family-owned business in the aviation industry in 2010. 


I became unsatisfied with the accountant we used for the first full year of our operations due to their excessive and unexpected fees.  It was about that time I heard Suzanne made the move to public accounting. 


It was an easy choice to again work with Suzanne, an accountant I knew to be trustworthy and professional.  Suzanne has prepared our corporate and individual tax returns, as well as all payroll filings, for the last five years. 


As a small business owner, I appreciate that the support Suzanne provides is reliable, consistent and transparent.  Suzanne is also very competent and up-to-date on tax laws, domestic and foreign.  She has been a solid resource for our firm, researching special foreign tax issues as our customer base expanded into Canada, Europe and China. 


I recommend Suzanne Daggert to anyone looking for dependable business and individual accounting services.

Andrea W.

Galveston, TX

I had a tax question which was responded to very quickly with a concise answer.


Follow up questions were answered immediately.


Saved me a tremendous amount of time and money.

Marian S.

Novato, CA

I am not a numbers person.  So I deeply appreciate having Suzanne as my accountant.


She takes the time to explain complicated financial information and tax laws to me in an informative, non-condescending way.


She’s ethical, reliable, dedicated, intelligent and up-to-date with her advice, and is very flexible, willing to come to my home to meet with me as many times as necessary to ensure that my tax return is completed professionally, while educating me along the way.

Scott W.

Suzanne is one of the few CPA's that will lead YOU, she is forward thinking and her creative mind never stops.  


Excellent price, very personable and easy to work with.

Todd B.

Colorado Springs, CO

Suzanne is very knowledgeable and helpful.


She helped my with a California tax question when I couldn't find the answer anywhere else.

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"Support that is reliable, consistent and transparent."

"Saved me a tremendous amount of time and money."

"Informative in a non-condescending way."

"Excellent price, very personable and easy to work with."

"Knowledgeable and helpful."

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